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Virtual Classroom New Features 2016


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School Info App Training Videos

SIA Teachers Creating a Push Notification


See how Teacher Notifications are turned on through a parent or student point of view.


SIA Teachers Set Your Password

This can also now be done by using email as username and Last name First initial as password. For example, mine would be HoffpauirM (only works if they have already been set up with accounts)

SIA Teachers Add and Edit Hall Pass Pin #

See how a hall pass works on a phone

Help Desk--How to Submit a Ticket
Who must submit a ticket?
Everyone--administrators, secretaries, teachers, aides, counselors, nurses, custodians, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, etc.
Where do I submit a ticket? 
Instead of sending an email to Susan or Jeff, you will send an email to the Help Desk.  You will need to copy this link into your email field after the To:
 What should I say in my email?
Audio/Visual-- event, date, time, location, description of what is needed

Computer repair- building, room, location, device number, and problem

Email- description of problem
Filter-  send the URL of the website in question and we will investigate and respond

Printers- building, area, location, problem

Other- give as many details as possible
Ohio Air--explain the problem or error code in as much detail as possible
StraightA--anything related to our 7th-9th 1:1 program 

Student Schedules--New or Changes- Send the schedule to the Help Desk as a PDF through any copier.  Ask a secretary if you need help.  Do not put schedule papers in Susan's mailbox.

Student Software--Adding/Editing Users- student name, grade, ID#, and teacher/section for Star/AR and SRI

Teacher Software--Password and Problems- give as many details as possible
Website-- Send website content in an attached Word document so we can copy and paste it.  Documents that need to be attached can be sent as PDFs.  Attach photos.

Voicemail/Phone- Location, extension, problem
Wifi- building and issue 
 What happens next?
  1. You will receive a confirmation email.  
  2. Please read it and hit reply if more information is required.
  3. Keep the email until the ticket is complete--reply to this email if you have further information.  
  4. The appropriate tech will answer your problem.  It may get escalated to another person.
  5. The tech person will mark the ticket closed when the job is complete.
Having trouble with Gmail?

Gmail Problems?

Use the directions in the link below to get to your email.  
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