May Calendar
Here is the updated version of our May calendar.  Please use this to work ahead and be prepared for the end of the year.
y = mx + b
There are lots of videos to help us learn about the slope intercept equation!
The Singing y = mx + b Project 
February 5 - 14
Friday, February 7
  • Review Quiz 4 Summative (30 points)--look over all three review practices
  • Simplify Algebraic Expressions Summative (20 points)--make sure you have Study Island Review 1, 2, and 3 completed with a blue ribbon.
Monday, February 10
  •       Geometry Diagnostic
Tuesday, February 11
  • Introduction to Distributive Property 
Friday, February 14
  • Remember, your Math Facts in a Flash fractions quizzes should all be complete by today. 
Mid Year Attitude Check
At this time of year, it is good to think back on your "student" skills.  How are you doing?  Click the link below and take the short survey.  It will help you get your attitude back on track.
Distributive Diagnostic
  1. Find your blocks' Test ID below.  Highlight just the number.  Right click and copy it.
    1. Block 1- 7951760048 
    2. Block 2- 6841760049 
    3. Block 3- 1561760050
  2. Click on this link: 
  3. Right click and paste in the Test ID, click on Next, and then put in your lunch number, and click Next.
  4. Answer the 5 questions.   You may use paper/pencil/calculator.
Notebook Checks--Tuesday, January 14
How is my notebook graded each nine weeks?
Your binder should be divided into 5 sections:
  1. Goals
  2. DRP
  3. Notes/Practice
  4. Tests
  5. Tasks 
Each section should have papers organized in order by date--with the most recent papers at the back of the section.
Papers MUST be clipped into the 3-rings NOT placed in divider pockets.
Students will have a short window of time to "retake" a low notebook score due to the end of the nine weeks.
Second Nine Weeks Ends Thursday, January 16
Friday, January 10--Last day for retakes on Review Quiz 3 and Unit Rates
Tuesday, January 14--Second Nine Weeks Assessment AND Notebook due
Thursday, January 16--Last day to turn in retake on Notebook.  Last day for ALL work to be completed.  Students with incomplete or missing work will earn an incomplete for the nine weeks.
How do I study for my nine weeks assessment? 
Remember, your nine week assessment is 20% of your nine weeks grade and CANNOT be retaken.  It will have questions from the entire year on it.
  • Review ALL previous summative assessments--binder section 4 
  • Review your first nine weeks asssessment
  • Review all three review quizzes.  Pay attention to the questions you keep missing.  
  • Complete Study Island 2nd Nine Weeks Review Part A and Part B by Sunday, January 12th at midnight.  This is required to take the nine week review.
Your second nine weeks test will have 10-15 questions you must do without a calculator.  You will be able to use a calculator for the remainder of the questions.
December 9-20   
General Information: 
Students are now permitted to use calculators on their lessons.
Math Facts in a Flash should be completed through Division before the holiday break.

Students on Reflex Math must be done with addition and subtraction before the holiday break. 
Due Wednesday, December  11
7th IXL J.5
Study Island Ratio and Proportion Ribbon
Due Thursday, December 12
Study Island--Unit Rates Practice
Due Friday, December 13
7th IXL L.3
Due Monday, December 16
Study Island--Unit Rates Ribbon Due
Unit Rates Summative today--MUST have all work completed prior to testing.
Tuesday, December 17
Plotting Points on the Coordinate Plane Introduction
Wednesday, December 18
Review Quiz 3
Last day for retakes on:
  1. Review Quiz 2
  2. Understanding Percents
  3. Proportional Reasoning
Thursday, December 19
7th IXL S.1 to 100 Due Friday
7th IXL S.2 to 100 Due Friday
7th IXL S.3 to 100 due Friday
Friday, December 20
December 2-6 Homework/Classwork
Due Tuesday, December 3
7th IXL J.2

Due Wednesday, December  4
7th IXL J.6
7th IXL J.8
Due Thursday, December 5
Study Island--Ratio and Proportion Practice
Due Friday, December 6
7th IXL J.7
7th IXL J.9
Proportional Reasoning Quiz on Friday, December 6
Retake Deadline on Wednesday, December 18
Retake Deadline on Wednesday, November 27
  • Review Quiz 1--must complete intervention paper from me
  • Multiply and Divide Integers--practice with Compute with Integers ribbon on Study Island
  • Square Roots--use practice on Study Island
  • Exponents--correct quiz and see me
  • Order of Operations--use ribbon on Study Island
Powers, Exponents, and Bases to show Repeated Multiplication
Here are some videos to help you understand exponents:
Khan Academy
Homework the week of November 4th - 8th
6th IXL E.1
6th IXL E.2
7th IXL I.1
7th IXL I.2
7th IXL I.8 
Study Island--Order of Operations Ribbon
Watch the Pemdas video or try to play Krypto!  See below. 
Play Krypto for order of operations practice

Practice your order of operations skills with the game link below!
Second Nine Weeks
Congratulations!  You've made it through your first nine weeks in high school!  Now what?
Section 2--Turn in your tracker to me after we fill out the reflection.  Take out your DRP pages and throw them away or taken them home.  I have a new tracker for you!
Section 3--Take out old notes.  This section should be empty. You can throw your notes away or take them home.
Section 4--Keep everything.  Add your nine weeks assessment to Section 4.  Some of these questions will be on your next assessment.  Most will be on your final exam.
We will spend this week reviewing topics that were frequently missed on your nine week assessment like absolute value and adding and subtracting integers.
We will be reviewing squares and square roots
We will also be learning how to multiply and divide integers.
7th IXL D.4 (Yes, you've done this.  If yours is not at 100, get it there, and then get it to 100 again!)
7th IXL D.5 (Yes, you've done this. If yours is not at 100, get it there, and then get it to 100 again!)
7th IXL H.4 
6th IXL K.11
6th IXL K.12
7th IXL E.6
7th IXL E.7 
8th IXL F.13
Friday-  We will have a summative today covering EVERYTHING we did this week! 
How do I get ready for my nine weeks assessment?
Your nine weeks assessment covers everything we have covered this nine weeks.  It is worth 20% of your grade.  You may not retake it.
So how do I get ready? 
1.  Go to Study Island and work through the 40 sample problems on the Nine Weeks Review.
2.  Go through all of your summative assessments in your math binder.  Focus on the problems you missed on each summative.  Some of the questions on the test will be the same or very similar as your summative assessments.
3.  Look over your daily review tracker.  What problems are you missing the most?  Practice some of those.
4.  Get a good nights' sleep on Tuesday and come prepared on Wednesday with a sharpened pencil and a good breakfast.

Subtracting Integers
Here are some videos to help you understand subtracting integers:
Khan Academy
Need games to Practice?
Check back for more. 
Adding Integers
Here are some games to help you become crazy fast at adding integers:
Orbit Integers

Adding Integers Game

Is it Positive, Negative, or Zero?
Here are some videos that might help you out! 
September Assignments
Reviewing Number Operations
We are spending the month of September reviewing number operations:
  • Adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals
  • Multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions 
Students will NOT be permitted to use calculators on classwork, homework, or assessments. The Common Core standards require that seventh graders are fluent on these skills before leaving 7th grade.
We will begin integer (positive and negative numbers) operations in October with these same skills. 
Students may work ahead on these assignments, if they understand the skill.  We will be using class time each day to practice these skills.  Students may also use computers in study halls if they are getting their other homework done at home. 
Seventh Grade Math
Reflex Math Grant!
I received a grant from Reflex Math.  Every student in my Block 3 math class will get free access for one calendar year.  Reflex lets students practice math facts in a gaming environment.
We will be using this software in class at least three days a week for 20 minutes each day.  Students may access Reflex from home and play as much as they want. 
Science Textbook Login Link
September 3 - 6, 2013 Homework
Read this PDF document to review this skill!
 After you finish, make sure you complete 6th IXL K.1 to 80% or better.

We use IXL!

UN:  19snolan (Use your graduation year, first initial, last name)
PW:  lunch number 
All junior high math teachers use IXL for review and homework. You can access your account from home and work at any level from kindergarten through high school!
Circle Fun

Click on the link below:
Make sure your try the Intro, Investigation, and Problem. 
Math Facts in a Flash

Math Facts in a Flash Home Connect
You can practice and practice, but you still have to take your quizzes at school! 
Box and Whisker Practice

View the lesson first, if you need it.  Then click on Interactive, Questions, and Applications for the actual practice!
Practice Your States!

Most 7th graders do not know their states!  How embarrassing!
Easy Practice
Place the State
Another Study Site
Guidance Test

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being not safe at all and 5 being very safe, how safe do you feel at school?
Do you feel welcomed at school?

Do you feel respected at school? Please answer in a sentence.
I have an adult at school I can trust and talk to.

To validate your submission, please type the answer to the following question:

Instructional Videos


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