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National Reading Month Schedule

National Reading Month Schedule


Book Give Away:  All month long, Mrs. Campbell will be announcing 2 winners a day to come and pick out a free book.  Names will be drawn randomly from 2 separate grade ranges (K-3 and 4-6).  Books have been donated from the PTO, teachers and parents/community members.

March 1: Reading Across America Kickoff, A Poppin Birthday Party

     All specials will be in the gym. Students will be enjoying a guest reader that will be reading a favorite book. Students in grades 2-6 are invited to bring a book of their own to enjoy after the guest reader is done so they can have some extra reading time. At the end of the specials time, items will be raffled off. These will include books and coupons for a small Wendy’s frosty.  

Guest Readers:

Fourth Grade: Mayor Steve Mercer                    Fifth Grade: Mrs. Grogro

Sixth Grade: Assistant Principal Mr. Jones           Third Grade: Veteran Zach Miller

First Grade: The Cat in the Hat                             

Second Grade: Sheriff Tim Rodgers (on March 11th)

Kindergarten: A local fireman

All student will receive a bag of popcorn to celebrate Reading Across America. Popcorn will be delivered to homerooms and teacher can pass them out at their convenience.

March 4- March 8       Featured Author Dress-up/

                                                     Pennies For Patients

In correlation with Pennies for Patients students will be able to dress up for $.50 a day or $2.00 for the week.  Our themes are based on authors with a specific book in mind.  Below you will find a hyperlink to a reading of each book. Feel free to read the book in your classroom or click on the link below.  We will also provide a brief bio on the featured author each morning during the morning announcements.  If one of these books don’t work for you and your classroom feel free to try one of the many other books each of the authors have written. 

Monday, March 4th- Eric Carle, The Very Quiet Cricket

                                           Wear bright colored cloths

Tuesday, March 5th- Jan Brett, The Hat

                                           Hat Day. Wear an appropriate hat to school

Wednesday, March 6th- Dr. Seuss, Wacky Wednesday

                                           Wear cloths inside out and backwards.

Thursday, March 7th – Audrey Wood, The Napping House

                                           Wear appropriate pajamas or comfy clothes. Please no slippers.

Friday, March 8th – Favorite Book Character

                                           Dress up like your favorite book character.    

March 11- March  15  Volunteering to read throughout the building

Would you like your students to hear another teacher read their favorite book?

=         Send me your name or sign-up in the office by the mailboxes and I will find someone to read to your class!

Would you like to help volunteer to read your favorite book in someone else’s room?

=         Sign-up for a day or two, whenever is convenient for you!  The sign-up sheet is in the office by the mailboxes.

March 18- March 29           Reading in your room

Choose from some of the ideas listed below to make reading fun in your room and help to make National Reading month memorable for our kids. All activities are optional:

1. Flashlight Friday: turn the lights down and read with a flashlight!

2. Read a book in a different voice:  Ask your students to do the same.

3. Host a book tasting: with menus of books and restaurant style tables and seating.  Have kids read at tables.  Provide a book themed snack. Mrs. Unkefer is a great resource for this!

4. Create book boats:  using rubber maid containers create “boats” for kids to read in.  This can be done with laundry baskets as well.  

5. Reading Buddies:  Bring in a stuffed animal to use as your reading buddy for the day.

6. Reading camp-out - Set up tents in the classroom. Kids can bring in their sleeping bags and read by flashlight.

7. Olympics party - Have students set reading goals and give out gold, silver, and bronze medals.

8. Around-the-world party - Award mileage based on the number of pages read (for example, one page = 1 mile). Kids might keep track on a world map of the places they read about.

9. Write the text for a wordless book. See if yours is similar to a friend’s. Talk about what you thought the plot was and how it developed.

10. Book Swap in classrooms:  Ask all students in your classroom to bring in 3 gently used books to swap with other students.  If students don’t bring books, ask teachers to donate used books, or contact Mrs. Crook to see if she has any books to share.  

11. Candid Camera: Catch kids in the act of reading. To make it more fun, books are to be read in the student’s favorite positions. Send me a digital copy and I can print them and add pictures to our “Caught Reading” display. 

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